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East meets Renaissance Shoot...

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A French Renaissance feel shoot in collaboration with bespoke designer Ze'Faith of Bolton, sought after Photographer Rehan Siddique and The Asian Creations Team resulted in some very high fashion unique masterpieces. The quirky and innovative designs by Bilal of Ze'Faith- costumier to the stars, were modelled fabulously by the graceful Rhian, gorgeous Sophia and beautiful Angela. Hair, make-up and creative styling was co-ordinated by The Asian Creations team including Senior Stylists Shameela and Naz….assisted by junior stylist Jannat….

1920's High Fashion Vintage Shoot

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A vintage 1920's theme was the inspiration behind this very 'vogue' feel photo-shoot with highly acclaimed photographer Mohamad Itani. The luxury of lace and pearls combined with the allure of ostrich feathers, vintage cases aboard the platform of the East Lancashire Old Railway were the perfect combination for the perfect pictures that were created that rainy day! Some of the images went on to grace novel covers pertaining to that beautiful vintage era of the 1920s.

Magazine editorial work

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Much of our published work has been with the top Asian bridal publications in the UK. Below are a selection of our published editorial images from Asiana, Viya and Asian Bride Wedding magazines. The Asian Creation's Team have been responsible for the hair, make-up and creative styling for these images.

Bridal Editorial Work

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Some further examples of the Asian Creations bridal editorial work featured in all the top UK Bridal magazines including Asiana, Viya, and Asian Bride magazines amongst others…..Our philosophy is to enhance a bride's features in the most flattering and elegant way…not change a person's features entirely or detract from the client's natural beauty by applying excessive and heavy colours. Most of our clients choose us for this reason having had experiences with other artists in the industry who they have felt applied too much on their skin in previous bridal trials.

Bollywood themed location shoot

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Bringing the Bollywood spirit to Stockport! Armed with a wardrobe of a bespoke designer traditional rich red Indian bridal dress and a contrasting midnight navy bridal lengha, designer spangle by way of custom made jewellery pieces resulted in a beautiful set of images shot on location in sunny Stockport with a beautiful backdrop of the River Ethero and it's surrounding greenery.

Bespoke Bridal Henna

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Bridal henna comprising of intricate designs often tailored to the bridal client are our speciality. Whether its traditional heavy Indian patterns to modern and contemporary Arabian designs, each of our henna artists will discuss which style is best suited to the client. We also cater for corporate events and henna parties for clients other than the bride.